What A Winter (SAF)

Western Winter - Waseela (Ahonoora)
Bay 2007, Height 15.3 hh
Fee Details: 2018 - R75k (R25k deposit – R50k live foal)


2017 Champion Freshman Sire

Cape Outstanding New Stallion

2018 A leading 2nd crop sire


  • Equus Champion Sprinter 2012
  • Equus Champion Older Male 2012
  • Equus Champion Sprinter 2013
  • Cape & Highveld Champion Sprinter 2013
  • Finalist for Horse of the Year Honours 2013
  • Winner of 15 races from 26 starts – 17 starts in Graded races
  • Winner of 4 Gr1 races and placed in another 4 Gr1 races
  • MR 127 - Highest rated in SA 2013
  • Highest Rated SA horse on International scale 2013 – joint 3rd highest sprinter in the world 2013
  • Son of 3 times Champion Sire, WESTERN WINTER
  • Dam a daughter of internationally acclaimed broodmare sire Ahonoora produced 9 runners, 8 winners, 3 stakes winners
  • From the sire producing family of HYPERION & PHARAMOND

Sales Statistics

  • 2016 Cape Premier Sale: Average R515,625 / Top price R850k
  • 2016 National Sale: Average R355,000 / Top price R525k
  • 2017 Cape Premier Sale: Average R875,000 / Top price R2.8m
  • 2017 National Sale: Average R294,500 / Top price R500k
  • 2018 Cape Premier Sale: Average R460,000 / Top price R1.5m
  • 2018 National Sale: Average R274,063 / Top price R650k

First season at stud in 2013

2012 & 2013 Equus Champion Sprinter, Champion Older Male
2013 Cape & Highveld Champion Sprinter
(MR 127)
In SA, 15 wins from 2-5 years, 1000-1600m, and placed 6 times, for earnings of R3,292,125
at 2 WON his only start by 1.25 lengths (1000m)
at 3 WON Cape Flying Championship Gr1 (1000m)
WON Selangor Cup Gr2 (1600m)
WON Sophomore Sprint L (1200m)
WON Conditions Plate (1200m)
WON Novice Plate (1200m)
2nd Computaform Sprint Gr1 (1000m)
2nd Cape Classic Gr3 (1400m) (MR113)
at 4 WON The Mercury Sprint Gr1 (1200m)
WON WPOTA Diadem Stakes Gr2 (1200m)
WON Pinnacle Stakes (1100m)
2nd Cape Flying Championship Gr1 (1000m)
3rd Computaform Sprint Gr1 (1000m)
Dual Equus Champion at 4yrs (MR 117)
at 5 WON Computaform Sprint Gr1 (1000m)
WON Cape Flying Championship Gr1 (1000m)
WON Diadem Stakes Gr2 (1200m)
WON Pinnacle Stakes (1000m)
WON Pinnacle Stakes (1100m)
WON Pinnacle Stakes (1100m)
3rd The Mercury Sprint Gr1 (1200m)
4th Pinnacle Stakes (1000m) (MR 127)

WESTERN WINTER - 5 wins in USA, 1200- 1400m, Gr1/Gr2 placed. Sire of Gr1 winners of both sexes. Sire of Champions (incl 2 Horses of the Year). Champion sire (3x). Sire of sires.

Name Sex Sire of Dam Sire of 2nd Dam Notes
Yard-Arm c Dancing Champ Beau Charles Gr1 x5, Gr1 pl x4, Gr2, Gr3 x2.
Equus Horse of the Year,
Equus Champion, Cape Champion
Winter Solstice c Melun Drum Beat Gr1 x4, Gr1 pl, Gr2 x2, Gr3 x2, Gr3 pl x2, L x2.
Equus Horse of the Year,
Cape Horse of the Year x2, Cape Champion x2
WHAT A WINTER C AHONOORA TROY Gr1 x4, Gr1 pl x4, Gr2 x3, Gr3 pl, L,
Sire. Equus Champion x3,
Cape Champion x7
Lady Windermere f Averof Sovereign Dice Gr1 x2, Gr2 x2, Gr2 pl, Gr3 pl x2.
Equus Champion, Cape Champion x3
Capetown Noir c Fort Wood Northern Guest Gr1 x3, Gr1 pl x3, Gr2 pl x3, Gr3 x2.
Equus Champion, Cape Champion x2
Ice Cube c Trigger Finger Peaceable Kingdom Gr1 x2, Gr1 pl x2, Gr2, Gr2 pl x3.
Equus Champion, Cape Champion
Argonaut c Del Sarto Abadan Gr1 x2, Gr1 pl. Sire. Equus Champion
Bad Girl Runs f Sadler’s Wells Sharpen Up Gr1 x2, Gr2. Equus Champion
Fearless c Foveros Persian Wonder Gr1, Gr1 pl. Equus Champion
Warm White Night c Foveros Capriole Gr1 x2, Gr1 pl x2, Gr2, Gr3 x2.
Sire. Cape Champion
Set Afire c Northfields Plum Bold Gr1 x3, Gr1 pl x3, Gr2 pl x3, Gr3 x2, Gr3 pl, L, L pl x3.
Cape Champion
Red Ray c Pas De Quoi Northfields Gr1 pl x4, Gr3, L. Cape Champion
Surveyor c Northfields Con Brio Gr1 x2, Gr1 pl x4, Gr2, Gr2 pl, Gr3, Gr3 pl, L, L pl x3
Covenant f Bush Telegraph Regent Street Gr1, Gr1 pl x2, Gr2 x3, Gr2 pl x2, L
Solo Traveller c Jallad Centaine Gr1, Gr1 pl x2, Gr2, Gr2 pl x2, Gr3, L pl x2
Fair Maiden f Priceless Asset Flower Power Gr1, Gr1 pl x2, Gr2 pl, Gr3
On Her Toes f Badger Land Accipiter Gr1, Gr1 pl, Gr2, Gr2 pl x2, Gr3, Gr3 pl
Reveille Boy c Dancing Champ Peaceable Kingdom Gr1, Gr1 pl, Gr2, Gr2 pl, L, L pl
Nania f Pas De Quoi Northfields Gr1, Gr1 pl, Gr2 pl x4, Gr3, Gr3 pl, L pl
Roxanne f Royal Chalice Jungle Cove Gr1, Gr1 pl
Swartland c Dancing Champ Oligarchy Gr1, L
Jagged Ice g Trigger Finger Peaceable Kingdom Gr1 pl x4, Gr2, Gr2 pl x2
Natural Selection c Man Of Property Marazion Gr1 pl x3, Gr2, Gr3 pl
Lion Tamer c Comic Blush Spanish Air Gr1 pl x3, Gr2 pl x2, Gr3 pl, Sire
Carry On Katie f Best By Test Free Ride Gr1 pl x2, Gr2, Gr2 pl x4, Gr3 pl, L pl x3
Snowdon g National Assembly Averof Gr1 pl x2, Gr2 pl x7, Gr3 pl
Meet At Malamala c Kenmare Sir Tristram Gr1 pl x2, L
My Kazzie f Argosy Golden Thatch Gr1 pl x2, L
Anti-Freeze c Centenary Lear Fan Gr1 pl x2, L pl
Braggadacio c Priceless Asset Flower Power Gr1 pl, Gr2, Gr2 pl x2, L pl
Oracle West g Noble Ambition Wicked Will Gr1 pl, Gr2 pl x2, Gr3, Gr3 pl x5, L, L pl
Silver Mist g Palace Music London Bells Gr1 pl, Gr2 pl x2, Gr3, Gr3 pl x3
Ice Belle f Centenary True Swallow Gr1 pl, Gr2 pl x2, Gr3 pl x2
Barcelona Winter f Golden Thatch Del Sarto Gr1 pl, Gr2 pl, Gr3 pl x2
Buscador c Del Sarto Peaceable Kingdom Gr1 pl, Gr2 pl, L x2
Next Spring f Sharp Romance St Cuthbert Gr1 pl, Gr2 pl, L
Autumn Gold f Northern Guest Averof Gr1 pl, Gr2 pl, L pl
Kingvoldt c Parade Leader Northfields Gr1 pl, Gr3, Gr2 pl, L
Croc Valley f Nashwan Green Dancer Gr1 pl, Gr3, Gr3 pl, L, L pl x3
Imperial Triumph f Royal Chalice Dancing Champ Gr1 pl, Gr3, Gr3 pl
Chamonix f Beldale Lustre Do Battle Gr1 pl, Gr3, L, L pl x3
Ski Pass c Model Man Mexico Gr1 pl, Gr3 pl, L
Barberton Daisy f Sadlers Wells Alysheba Gr1 pl, L pl x2
Ella The Fitz f Elliodor Selenio Gr1 pl, L pl x2
Centaur g Northern Guest Jungle Cove Gr1 pl
Field Event c Northfields Stage Door Johnny Gr1 pl
Maelstrom f Shoe Danzig Dowdstown Charley Gr1 pl
Western Prospect c Proclaim Oats Gr2 x2, Gr2 pl x2, Gr3, L pl
Lion In Winter c Pas De Quoi Foveros Gr2, Gr2 pl x2, Gr3 pl x2
Grey Arrow c Kenmare Pas De Seul Gr2, Gr3 pl x2, L, L pl x2
Weston Paint c Red Ryder Persian Wonder Gr2, Gr3 pl, L pl x2
Weston Blaze g Dancing Champ Harry Hotspur Gr2, L pl
Buran c Centenary True Swallow Gr2
Cold As Ice f National Assembly Harry Hotspur Gr2
Polar Bound c Citidancer Balkan Knight Gr2
Winter Weather c Dancing Champ Over The Air Gr2
Winterinthewoods f Fort Wood Foveros Gr2
Strawberry Ice f Jallad Centaine (AUS) Gr2 pl x3, Gr3 pl
Across The Ice g Fort Wood Northern Guest Gr2 pl x3, Gr3, Gr3 pl x3
Dunedin Star c Jungle Cove Jan Ekels Gr2 pl x2, Gr3 pl x2
Winter Burst f Danehill Marauding Gr2 pl, Gr3, Gr3 pl, L pl x2
The Boogieman c Foveros Harry Hotspur Gr2 pl, Gr3, L pl
Simply Salmon c Del Sarto Abadan Gr2 pl, Gr3 pl, L x2
Barnet Fair g Priceless Asset Flower Power Gr2 pl, Gr3 pl, L pl
Spitzbergen c Take Your Place Filipepi Gr2 pl, L
Stirling Bridge g Comedy Star Town Crier Gr2 pl, L
Storm Crossing c Elliodor Dancing Champ Gr2 pl, L
Winter Diamond f Dancing Champ Afaridaan Gr2 pl, L
Supreme Sunset f Royal Chalice Dancing Champ Gr2 pl, L pl x2
Glint Of Ice c Model Man Proclaim Gr2 pl
Ice Wine g Northern Guest Foveros Gr2 pl
Icy Winter Air f Jallad Northern Guest Gr2 pl
Saint Pierre g National Assembly Spend A Buck Gr2 pl
Tayba f Mr Prospector Blushing Groom Gr2 pl
Winter Ade f Cordoba Jungle Cove Gr2 pl
Nevvay c National Assembly Jungle Cove Gr3, Gr3 pl
The West Is Wide c Fard Harry Hotspur Gr3, L x2, L pl
Winter Magic f Ginistrelli Folmar Gr3, L pl
Northern Heritage f Royal Chalice Dancing Champ Gr3
Aquila Rapax f Northfields Plum Bold Gr3 pl x2, L
Master Mascus c Badger Land Foveros Gr3 pl x2, L
Winter Fox f Golden Thatch Plum Bold Gr3 pl x2, L pl x2
Winter Blush f Jallad Peacetime Gr3 pl x2, L pl
Autumn Frost c Dancing Champ Over The Air Gr3 pl x2
Grace Me Guide f Elliodor Over The Air Gr3 pl x2
Komatipoort g Nashwan Green Dancer Gr3 pl x2
Bound To Travel g Citidancer Balkan Knight Gr3 pl, L, L pl
Cape Winter g Sportsworld Harry Hotspur Gr3 pl, L, L pl
Anthracite g Harry Hotspur Royal Affair II Gr3 pl, L pl x2
Tin Legs f Model Man Mexico Gr3 pl, L pl x2
California Flyer f Harry Hotspur Persian Wonder Gr3 pl, L pl
Shades Of Winter f Red Ryder Northern Guest Gr3 pl, L pl
Winter Bloom f Complete Warrior Folmar Gr3 pl, L pl
Americano g Fort Wood Super Concorde Gr3 pl
Anchor Ice g Citidancer Balkan Knight Gr3 pl
Broadway Dude c Freedom Land Del Sarto Gr3 pl
Googol f Elliodor Welsh Harmony Gr3 pl
Ice House f Politician Col Pickering Gr3 pl
Izora f Jallad Northern Guest Gr3 pl
Knight's Inlet g Fort Wood Free Ride Gr3 pl
No Longer A Dream f Russian Fox Home Guard Gr3 pl
Nova Zembla f Elliodor Del Sarto Gr3 pl
Paramo f Country Doctor Flintham Gr3 pl
Target Acquired g Pas De Quoi Northfields Gr3 pl
Vermilion f Pas De Quoi Northfields Gr3 pl
What A Prophet g Noble Ambition Wicked Will Gr3 pl
Wild Kodiak g Elliodor Roland Gardens Gr3 pl

Kin-Breeding Western Winter is kinbred 5x5 Miss Dogwood x Nandina, and 4x4x4x4 Mixed Marriage x Nearctic x Court Martial x Nearctic. The latter sequence tends to feature prominently in his better offspring, but kin-links to Western Winter’s bottom female line appear to be important.
Gone West line sires in
South Africa:
Indigo Magic, Sail From Seattle, Surging River, West Man, Western Winter, West Man, West Order (Gone West); Fan Club’s Mister (Mr Greeley); Argonaut, Lion Tamer (Western Winter); Count Dubois, Dupont, Modus Vivendi (Zafonic);
Western Winter Gone West Mr Prospector Raise A Native - Native Dancer
Gold Digger - Nashua
Secrettame Secretariat - Bold Ruler
Tamerett - Tim Tam
Chilly Hostess Vice Regent Northern Dancer - Nearctic
Victoria Regina - Menetrier
Impressive Lady Impressive - Court Martial
Chilly - Nearctic
Waseela Ahonoora Lorenzaccio Klarion - Clarion
Phoenissa - The Phoenix
Helen Nichols Martial - Hill Gail
Quaker Girl - Whistler
Wassl's Sister Troy Petingo - Petition
La Milo - Hornbeam
Hayloft Tudor Melody - Tudor Minstrel
Haymaking - Galivanter


1st dam

WASEELA, by Ahonoora (GB). 3 wins at 7f, 1m in UK. Dam of 9 to race, 8 winners, inc:-

WHAT A WINTER, Equus Champion Older Male 2012, Equus Champion Sprinter 2012, Highveld Champion Sprinter 2013, 15 wins, R3,292,125, at 2 to 5, 1000 - 1600m, inc. Computaform Sprint, Gr 1, Mercury Sprint, Gr 1, Cape Flying Championship, Gr 1 (twice), Selangor Cup, Gr 2, Diadem Stakes (WFA) twice, Gr 2, Sophomore Sprint, (L), placed 5 times, inc. 2nd Computaform Sprint, Gr 1, Cape Flying Championship (WFA), Gr 1, Cape Classic, Gr 3, 3rd Computaform Sprint, Gr 1, Mercury Sprint, Gr 1

WHAT A QUESTION (g by Qui Danzig) 7 wins- 2 at 2-1200 to 1400m, $119,725, Clairwood Godolphin Barb S., Gr 3, Scottsville Byerley Turk P., Gr 3, Greyville Impson Logistics H., 2d Scottsville Golden Horse Sprint S., Gr 1, Greyville Drill Hall S., Gr 2, Scottsville Conditions P., 3d Clairwood Mercury Sprint, Gr 1, 4th Scottsville Gold Medallion S., Gr 1.

WIDAR (c by Soviet Star (USA)) 10 wins- 2 at 2-1200 to 1900m in Germany and Belgium, Baden-Baden Kronimus Rennen, L, 2nd Sandbahn Grand Prix der Deutchen Buchmacher, 3d Lingfield Winter Derby, L.

Dr Nijinsky (g by Shareef Dancer) 3 wins 1200 to 1600m

Dr Nowa (g by Northern Guest) 2 wins at 1300m

Doctor Dubya (g by West Man) Winner at 1200m

Dr Deetoo (g by West Man) Winner at 1000m

2nd dam

WASSL’S SISTER, by Troy. Unplaced. Sister to Pennyweight (dam of ON TIPTOES), three-quarter-sister to Myth (dam of MIDNIGHT LEGEND), half-sister to WASSL, Hamsah, Mill Loft (dam of FLIRTING DANCER). Dam of 4 winners, inc:-

Antico Toscano. Winner at 1600m, Rome Premio Fernet

Prague Spring. Winner at 3 in UK

Persian Sabre. Winner at 3 in UK

3rd dam

HAYLOFT, by Tudor Melody. 3 wins at 2 in UK, Goodwood Molecomb S., Gr 3, 3d Royal Ascot Queen Mary S., Gr 2. Half-sister to Silage. Dam of:-

WASSL (c Mill Reef) 4 wins - 1 at 2-6f to 1m, £156,075, Irish Two Thousand Guineas, Gr 1, Newbury Lockinge S., Gr 3, Greenham S., Gr 3, 2d Leopardstown Joe McGrath Memorial S., Gr 1, 3d Prix du Moulin de Longchamp, Gr 1, Goodwood Sussex S., Gr 1-twice, 4th Royal Ascot Queen Anne S., Gr 2. Sire.

Hamsah (f Green Desert) 2 wins at 2 at 5f, 2d Newbury St Hugh’s S., L, Jebel Ali Open H., Sandown Collchimie S., 3d Abu Dhabi Al Bateen S. Dam of 3 winners-

Sharplaw Star (f Xaar) 2 wins at 2, 2d Newmarket Stan James H., 3d Queen Mary S., Gr 2.

Sparkling Outlook (f College Chapel) Winner at 2 at 5f, 3d Cork Desert King S., L. Producer.

Mill Loft. Placed at 3 in Great Britain. Dam of 6 winners-

FLIRTING DANCER (g Shareef Dancer) 8 wins 1200 to 1800m, $641,301, RHKJC Kukri Trophy, HK-3, HKJC Haking Wong Building H., Massey University H., RHKJC Chinese Club Challenge H.

Pennyweight. Unplaced. Dam of 3 winners-

ON TIPTOES (f Shareef Dancer) 5 wins-3 at 2-at 5f, Royal Ascot Queen Mary S., Gr 3, Newmarket Bentinck S., L. Dam of 5 winners-

Odette. 2 wins at 5f, 7f in Great Britain. Dam of 7 winners-

VIOLETTE (f Observatory) 4 wins at 2 5¾f to 6½f, £126,155, Ayr Firth of Clyde S., Gr 3, Doncaster Carrie Red Nursery H., 2d Newmarket Rockfel S., Gr 2, Redcar 2YO Trophy, L, 3d Maisons-Laffitte Prix Miesque, Gr 3. Producer.

SILCA’S GIFT (f Cadeaux Genereux) 3 wins- 2 at 2-5f to 7f, Newmarket Nell Gwyn S., Gr 3, Royal Ascot Albany S., L. Producer.

VIRGINIA HALL (f Medicean) 3 wins- 2 at 2-5f to 1m, Sandown Distaff S., L, 2d Deauville Prix du Calvados, Gr 3, La Teste Criterium du Bequet, L, 4th Warwick Eternal S., L.


Karel Miedema’s Pedigree Evaluation

Sires Handbook - www.sportingpost.co.za


1 Fort Wood & sons Horse Chestnut, Dynasty, Elusive Fort, Fort Defiance – and their female lines, notably the Argentine E-family and Miss Lily/Lily
2 Sources of Aurora – as in Acropolis, Alycidon, Borealis (Counter Action, Right Approach, Kahal, Tara’s Halls, Count Dubois)
3 Sources of Owen Tudor (Mixed Marriage, Tudor Minstrel, Tudor Melody, Sweet Song, Abernant, Golden Thatch, Royal Chalice, Harry Hotspur, Foveros, London News, National Emblem, etc)
4 Sources of Forli (Home Guard, Golden Thatch, Special/Sadler’s Wells/Nureyev)
5 Sources of Pharamond (Menow as in Tom Fool/Buckpasser – widespread, but notably Al Mufti, Northern Guest, National Assembly, AP Indy/Seattle Slew, Seeking The Gold)
6 Sources of Sickle (Damascus – with Buckpasser in Captain Al, with Borealis in Counter Action; Rollins/Jet Master; Mecca Road)
7 Sources of All Moonshine (Mossborough – notably Saumarez, Kabool, Spectrum, Casey Tibbs)
8 Sources of Swaps/Khaled, Pretense (Fort Wood), Flower Bowl (Jallad, Badger Land/Badger’s Drift, Parade Leader, Danehill, Caesour)

Stands at Drakenstein Stud
Stud Master - Ross Fuller
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